Landmark Residence – Depo

Residential-commercial building

Vračar, Beograd
New building
Conceptual design
27 000 sqm

Project team:

Branislav Folić
Ana Uskoković

Bojana Bajkić
Mirjana Đermanović
Katarina Ostojić
Miloš Nedić

3D visualisation: Aleksandar Ćopić

The basic idea of this urban-architectural concept is to improve the identity of this part of the city, in line with contemporary standards of living. The residential-business complex, with its physical structure, volumes, and representative character, contributes to the better quality of the space.

In terms of design, the reduced architecture of primary volumes is combined with green terraces and planters with quality greenery. The terraces and planters, with their regular vertical arrangement, emphasize the theme of green architecture in accordance with contemporary architectural tendencies.

The existing ground-floor building oriented towards King Alexander Boulevard has been preserved in its existing volume and incorporated/connected with the newly planned building. Together with part of the existing wall of the old tram depot, it forms an integral part of the newly designed building but retains its existing appearance. The existing buildings located within the block are being reconstructed, to obtain optimal functional utilization and so that with the newly planned buildings, the entire complex gives the impression of a unique ambient whole.

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