FOLIC ARCHITECTS DOO is an architectural design studio established in 2008 as a continuation of two architectural family practices with over 30 years of work experience involving more than 200 projects. The company operates locally and globally from its office in Belgrade, Serbia. It is currently one of the leading domestic designing studios, employing licensed architects, city planners, designers and technicians who, together with the external associates from other engineering professions, work on projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia. In recent years, the studio has focused mainly on the design of large residential and commercial complexes in Belgrade, which exceed 50,000m2 GFA, and certain buildings have been completely implemented or are in the implementation phase. Some of them include complexes like Kapija Vračara, Cara Uroša, Green Hill Dedinje, Sredačka and others.


In addition to designing, the studio is also engaged in urban planning, research, sustainable development, site preparation and construction consulting.


Our pragmatic project approach is driven by the requirements of the users, the functionality of the designed areas, the rationality of the structure and the urban-sensitive form, which completes its environment by its volumetry.